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what drives us

bluelake media is an agency which produces very special films of the highest standard. In our busy “harbour“ we combine our client’s dreams with a network of talented, creative experts. Then we set sail until we arrive back in port with a film with a big impact. We create cinematic pearls that highlight the uniqueness of our client’s products, services, ideas or personalities. To their benefit.

Welcome to the film world of bluelake media.


Bluelake Films


Februar 2019, Berndt Welz

TV Documentary

German television - documentary

bluelakes director Berndt Welz is producing a documentary about children with grave heart deseases for the german public channel ZDF. 


Januar 2019, Berndt Welz

Bypass for a baby



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Idea & Impact

Are you, like us, passionate about fascinating and visually appealing documentary films? Do you love gripping feature films with passion, tension and heart – full of drama and surprising twists?
Imagine your product, service, vision, project or lifework being shown in a special film of cinema quality. No other medium makes a bigger impression on our senses. A film produces intense feelings, makes us curious and leads us to want what we see.

Bluelake films are ...

1_ Enthralling

show the essence of your work – emotional and narrative, yet to the point

2_ Aesthetic

visualize even the most complicated issues at the highest level

3_ Eye-catching

amaze your clients and friends

4_ Personable

new clients can get an impression of you before first contact...

5_ Efficient

...shortening the customer acquisition process ...

6_ Resource-

...therefore saving effort, time and money

But take a look for yourself:

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bluelake services are unique and diverse. We appeal to businesspeople and businesses, institutions, personalities, entrepreneurs and people who just want to realize their dream of making their own film.
bluelake media hires script writers, directors, camera people, editors and other creative professionals. Together with our clients and partners, unmistakable films emerge.

Informative films

In a highly complex world, there is a need for clarity and simplicity. Well-structured informative films convey in a very short time the essence of a product, method or idea and much more. A director who researches, analyzes, structures and combines all the necessary parts is extremely important. Tools at our disposal include websites, presentations, talks, trade fairs, etc.

Film portraits

Personalities shape businesses. Your persuasive presence is the guarantee for the future success of your company. A film portrait will bring trust and reach potential clients before the first contact. Directors with a fine understanding of people and their essence are in demand.

Project films

It makes sense for companies to film their project and product development from beginning to end. Video can demonstrate the uniqueness of a process and promote transparency to customers and partners, as well as help anchor sustainable change in corporrate culture. Bluelake media works closely with atunis ( in this area.

Image films

We communicate your main message concisely and efficiently. Brilliant images awaken positive emotions. Each sequence is a unique composition of color and light, paired with music that truly resonates. An image film must get under your skin.


The filming of one’s own eventful life is like manufacturing a diamond. A rough precious stone: lovely memories, family, friends, old footage and photos, etc. The director caringly cuts and polishes them into a high quality documentary film. These biopics are aimed exclusively at your loved ones, friends, children and future descendants. We guarantee the highest discretion.

bluelake indie

Relevant documentary/feature films are currently having a difficult time reaching their audiences in Germany. Top-quality venues to show documentaries are dying out and the budgets are shrinking. bluelake films, with the help of responsible investors, is transforming documentary films and using new media channels to show them.

Bluelake Team

bluelake media operates worldwide and hires excellent script writers, directors, camera people, editors and other creative people. Together with our clients, we make unmistakable films.

Berndt Welz

executive director & producer

Anna B├╝hler

intern. projects & organisation


bluelake friends


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